Fuzzyberry Storybook Adventure Cartoons for the Under 5's

Fun educational cartoons, enjoy the mystery adventures with Daisy Fuzzyberry and the Green Witch.
Then play the game and help the characters solve mysteries, whilst learning skills for school - numbers, colours, words, letters, weather, big and little, near and far and up and down.

Watch the cartoons below and then play the storybook games.

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The Lightning Dragon Mystery
The Blue Tower has been hit by lightning, could it be a Lightning Dragon?
The Blue Wizard and Polly the castle Fuzzbot make a plan to save the Blue Tower from lightning.
The Green Witch goes to a frozen land to recruit a friend to help them.

The Mystery of the Magic Canoe
The Blue Wizard and Fuzzyberry friends are invited by the Green Wizard to a party in New Zealand, for Fuzzy Fuzzyberry's birthday.
When they arrive they discover a mystery, and start on an adventure with there New Zealand Fuzzyberry friends!!

The Lights in the Sky Mystery
The Blue Wizard has been told of strange lights in the sky in a small Scottish fishing village called Macduff.
He sends Daisy Fuzzyberry and the Green Witch to investigate, and when they arrive it's clear there is more than one mystery in Macduff.
With dancing pumpkins, cackling witches and strange lights in the sky, Macduff will be a mystery to remember!!

The Mystery of the Lake Creature
The Blue Wizard has heard that a strange creature has been seen by the lake at Snazzfest.
The wizard sends two Fuzzyberry agents, Daisy Fuzzyberry and the Green Witch to investigate!!

The Mystery of Albie Fuzzyberry
Albie Fuzzyberry has come to Fuzzyberry Land, and nobody can find him.
The Blue Wizard sends Fuzzyberry agents, the Green Witch and Daisy Fuzzyberry to investigate.
The adventure begins in the dark and scary Blue Woods and progresses into the Blue Castle.

The mystery of the plastic bottles
The Green Witch and Daisy Fuzzyberry are shocked to see plastic bottles floating down the Blue River, and decide to find out where the bottles are coming from.
Time is against them a the sheep and birds are eating the bottles and could make themselves ill.

The Christmas Story of How Freddie The Fungus Tries To Ruin Christmas
A Fuzzyberry adventure in Shady Vale. The Mushies are decorating the village for Christmas, but Freddy the Fungus has other ideas, and with his friend Strawb Freddy tries to ruin the Mushies Christmas.

The Fuzzyberry Magic Testing Lab
The Blue Wizard Daisy and the Green Witch are in the magic testing lab trying to perfect the sparkle spell, they seem to be having trouble with there counting - can you help them?