Meet the Blue Wizard and the Fuzzyberrys

Fuzzyberry Storybook Adventure Cartoons and Games for the Under Fives

Educational Cartoons

Exiting adventures for the under fives, join the Blue Wizard and the Fuzzyberrys a they solve mysteries in Fuzzyberryland.

Fuzzyberry Adventure Games

Play the online storybook games and help the Fuzzyberrys to solve mysteries while learning skills for school, including numbers, colours, words, letters, weather, sizes like 'big' and 'small', distances like near and far, and directions like up and down.

Fuzzyberry Fairy Tales

Enjoy a new twist on classic fairy tales.
The Fuzzyberry star in these well known fairy tales, always a little different from the originals.


Download Fuzzyberry activities from Fuzzyberryland.

The Blue Wizard

The Blue Wizard

Magic and fun

The Blue Wizard sends out Fuzzyberry agents to investigate mysteries in Fuzzyberry Land

The Green Witch

The Green Witch

Fuzzyberry agent

The Green Witch is brave and fast. The Green Witch uses her magic and wits to solve Fuzzyberry mysteries

Red Pretsal

Red Pretsal

Singer Actor

Red Pretsal is a famous singer and actor, who sometimes gets involved in adventures but always gets involved in parties

Daisy Fuzzyberry

Daisy Fuzzyberry

Fuzzyberry Agent

Daisy likes having fun and loves adventures.

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